Courier Contract Services

Please read "Courier Contracts 101" and "Things to Avoid".  In Jump Freighter Logistics every little mistake costs all of us.  It's vitally important we work together to get your items safely from point A to point B. 
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Courier Contracts 101

  • All Courier Contracts are to be submitted to Riske Bolmara as a private courier contract

  • Set 7 days to accept and 7 days to complete

  • Destinations include the below Keepstars to or from the main trading hub in Jita: 

    • D-PNP9  D-Pyonyang

    • Perimeter Tranquility Trading Tower (TTT) 

    • Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly

    • 8QT-H4 At the Gates of Mordor

    • T5ZI-S The Tower of Legends

    • E2-RDQ Fusion Core

  • Freight Value (Collateral) costs estimated from EvE Appraisal sell value

  • We never sub-contract out your courier service for your protection and ours

  • EvE Email Riske Bolmara for special or rush orders

  • We accept tips!  

Things to Avoid

  • No assembled Enormous Freight Containers.  They exceed m3 limitations.  

  • No T1 Ships!  We can build them in Esoteria & Delve

    • No T1 modules if they are available in local markets.  Most are available at reasonable prices.  SUPPORT OUR INDUSTRY MATES!

  • No assembled ships to and from Jita 

  • Courier contracts entering Jita from Null or Lowsec Space is not to exceed 138,000m3

    • This is for your items safety through Hi-Sec as extra bulkhead tank is needed to secure your cargo from ganking​!!

  • Each individual Courier Contract leaving Jita or Perimeter is not to exceed 345,000m3.

  • Individual courier contracts going to Jita or Perimeter exceeding 138,000m3 can be rejected (Remember this is for your safety as well as Riske's).  Contact Riske Bolmara if you need assistance. 

Costs (Riske Reward)

  • Standard m3 Rates

    • 0 - 5000m3 ........................ 7.5 Million isk​

    • > 5,000m3

      • D-PNP9 ..................... 1,550 isk per m3

      • 8QT-H4  ..................... 1,350 isk per m3

      • T5ZI-S   ...................... 1,350 isk per m3

      • E2-RDQ ...................... 1,450 isk per m3

  • Freight Value (Collateral) Extra Costs

    • 1.5% of Cargo Value (15 Million isk per Billion)

  • Intra-Region Rates

    • Please Contact Riske Bolmara In-Game

If I am unavailable or need something rush rush rush please consider using TEST Freight! 

(Members Only):      TEST FREIGHT